`Police officers were out to kill suspect'

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Police "were out to kill" Wayne Douglas as they "rained blows" on the suspected burglar, an inquest jury was told. Patrick Doyle said the former postman, who died in custody just over an hour later, was repeatedly kicked and stamped on.

"They were out to kill him, that is the only way I can explain what happened that night," he told the hearing in Southwark, south London.

Mr Doyle said he was in his flat in Brixton, when he he saw Mr Douglas, 25, confronting police in the street. He heard them shouting "put it down" and saw a knife thrown to the ground. Two officers then rushed him, pinned him to the ground and delivered five or six baton blows to his arms as he screamed in pain.

Mr Doyle went out and saw up to seven officers dragging Mr Douglas into the park and hitting him again. "They were raining blows on the boy with batons," he said. "Some of the officers were also stamping on him ... on his chest, arms, legs, back, head, everywhere."

The hearing was adjourned.