Police on alert for London demo

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DEMONSTRATORS will gather in London this afternoon for anti-capitalist protests amid fears that violent extremists could try to hijack the event. Police have moved to ensure there is no repeat of the street fights and destruction that took place in the City of London during a similar protest in June.

Intelligence reports indicate today's Global Day of Action, planned by a loosely linked coalition, is likely to be on a much smaller scale than the June demonstration which caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage.

At least four events have been planned for the "N30" protests aimed at highlighting railway privatisation, use of asbestos, human rights in Nigeria, world capitalism and other issues. Hundreds of officers will be on duty in a joint operation by Scotland Yard and the City of London. The protests are planned outside a bank in Lewisham, south London, Bow Street magistrates where a mock trial is being staged, Euston station and Canada House in Trafalgar Square, in a protest against Canada's environmental policies.

The protest is timed to coincide with the third conference of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle. Eighty four people were arrested over the summer riot, more than 40 of whom have been charged.