Possible drugs link to shooting

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An 18-year-old man who was gunned down in a street by a killer who placed a gun against his head may have been murdered as part of an argument over drugs, it emerged yesterday.

Joel Nubie, who lived with his mother and stepfather in the Winson Green area of Birmingham, was found lying in the street on Monday night after he was shot in the forehead at point-blank range. There were reports of an argument taking place in the area at the time of the murder. Police said that the dead man was not a "hardened" street criminal, although Mr Nubie was known to police and had a previous conviction for possessing a small amount of crack cocaine. The Winson Green area has been the scene of gang feuds and police are investigating drug links to the killing, but have no evidence so far to suggest that this was the cause of the violence. Detective Chief Inspector Adrian McAllister said it was "a cold-blooded, calculated killing".