Prescott's son linked to house sales

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A COMPANY which employs Jonathan Prescott, son of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, has provoked anger among Hull City councillors after buying up modernised former council houses for around pounds 5,000 each, writes Jonathan Kent.

The sale of the 18 properties on the North Hull estate to Wyke Developments from the North Hull Housing Action Trust was made with the approval of the Department of the Environment and has been criticised by some councillors who believe the houses were worth much more.

The houses were purchased several years ago from Hull Council by the trust, a Government body which modernised the pre-war homes.

The trust then sold them on to a business associate of Jonathan Prescott, Simon Cutting, on behalf of Wyke, with approval from the Government's regional office in Leeds.

Mr Cutting said he was "absolutely convinced" correct business procedures were followed.