Problems persist on QE2

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Passengers returning to New York yesterday on board the trouble-plagued liner QE2 declared the cruise a success despite flooded cabins, and a lack of clear running water and air conditioning.

Their enthusiasm was mainly put down to the fact that those who had booked for the Caribbean cruise were given a full refund. A Cunard spokeswoman said it was because "we felt the ship was not completed to the extent we want to present to our passengers".

Most of the 200 passengers who disembarked yesterday said they had enjoyed the trip. One said: "We all got it for free, so how can you complain?"

There were problems, however, with flooding, the water supply, the air conditioning, and the swimming pool. There were also reports of unlaid carpet, paint scraping off, and unrepaired ceilings and bedboards.

The liner came back into service in December after a £30m refit. There were immediate problems, however, as the job had not been completed and workmen were on board. Some passengers had bookings cancelled, and others complained bitterly about conditions.Some are seeking compensation.