Pubs cashing in on longer hours

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Flexible pub opening hours have proved popular with consumers and have not led to rowdier behaviour by drinkers, according to a survey published today by Camra, the Campaign for Real Ale.

The survey, released on the ninth anniversary of the reform of the licensing laws, shows that 57 per cent of pubs now open all day during the week. On Saturdays, 73 per cent offer all-day drinking, while 57 per cent stay open on Sunday afternoons.

Stephen Cox, head of campaigns at Camra, said: "Flexible opening has met a real consumer need and helped allow licensees to meet public demand. Every pub has not been forced to open. It is hard to credit now the dire warnings of disaster that were made before each reform of pub hours. The message is clear - drinkers and publicans can be trusted with freedom to open."