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JOHNNY ROTTEN, the pale anarchist who screamed "No Future" and wore "Destroy" on his chest when he led the Sex Pistols is now the lithe and tanned John Lydon, who wrote his catty memoirs under the Californian sun. He makes the occasional alternative rock album with his band Public Image Limited.

SIOUXSIE SIOUX stood behind the Sex Pistols in leather and chains when they swore at Bill Grundy on prime-time television and became national figures of hate: now she looks increasingly like a glamorous Thirties movie star, making polished Gothic music. Of all the original punk bands, Siouxsie and the Banshees have kept in touch best with changing times.

THE CLASH were seen by many as the greatest of all punk bands. They split up in 1983. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" was a hit as a re- release, thanks to its part in a television advertisement for Levi's jeans. Mick Jones (right), the guitarist, enjoyed moderate success with the rock and dance fusion of Big Audio Dynamite and BAD II, but the Clash's guiding light Joe Strummer has had very little solo success.

ADAM ANT has attempted a musical comeback after only moderate success as an actor in the USA, but has so far only met accusations from the New Musical Express that he wants to be "the post-modern Gary Glitter" - which the NME says he can't be "because Gary Glitter already is".