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Welsh sheep still radioactive

ONE HUNDRED and eighty thousand North Welsh sheep remain affected by radioactivity as a result of the Chernobyl reactor accident in the mid- 1980s, Win Griffiths announced in a written question last night. The area of land under restriction is 530 square kilometres.

N Ireland Army complaints up

THERE HAS been an increase in non-criminal complaints against the Army in Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, confirmed yesterday. But, on the release of the report of the Independent Assessor of Military Complaints Procedures, she remains of the view that the complaints procedures are given proper attention by the Army.

Supplier of RAF aircraft found

BOMBARDIER SERVICES has been selected to supply Grob 115D aircrafts to the RAF's planned Light Aircraft flying task contract. The aircraft will be owned and maintained by the contractor, who will provide flying hours and support services to the University Air Squadrons and the Air cadet Air Experience Flights at 13 locations around the country.