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Picture Question: Giant performers don their party gear to rehearse a pre-World Cup parade in Paris. What is the most common first-choice shirt colour among the 32 teams taking part?

1. What happened to the raunchy, curvy, madcap world of tabloid journalism?

2. Who didn't pay for his chips at the Ritz?

3. What weighs 170kg and has been missing for 30 years?

4. Fill in the missing names from the following headlines:

a) Was --- murdered by his wife? (Daily Telegraph)

b) ---'s affair with a spy from Moscow (Guardian)

c) --- admits slapping teenage son (Times)

5. Fill in the missing objects from the following headlines: (Hint: the answers are sock, shoe and bicycle saddles, but in what order?)

a) ---s are the seat of sex problems (Daily Telegraph)

b) --s - the greatest love of all (Times)

c) --- fetishists jailed (Guardian)

6. Where in the world did the court of appeal rule that a ban on McDonald's was not unconstitutional?

7. How did Poirot and Miss Marple join Noddy?

8. Why was the hunt on for Cavecourt Blue?

9. Who are the new shadow Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary?

10. Laurence Olivier came second in the Time magazine list of most influential actors of the century. Who was first?


Picture Question: White (eight countries). 1. The words "raunchy", "curvy" and "madcap" are among those that will no longer be used in the Daily Star. 2. Adnan Khashoggi was taken to court by the Ritz Casino after his cheques for pounds 3.2m bounced. 3. Weapons-grade enriched plutonium that vanished at Dounreay in the late 1960s. 4. a) Clive of India b) Einstein c) Freddie Starr 5. a) bicycle saddle b) shoe c) sock 6. Bermuda 7. Chorion plc, who already own the rights to Enid Blyton's works, bought a majority shareholding in Agatha Christie Ltd. 8. She (a greyhound) ran off through the streets of Poole after finishing a race at the local track. 9. Michael Howard and Norman Fowler, respectively. 10. Marlon Brando.