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We thought we would end on a charming note with our very own divine messenger, or guardian angel.

- Peter Mandelson, talking at the preview of Labour Party's final election broadcast, which features an angel.

I had hoped to bring down the overall level of taxation. I have not managed to bring down the overall level of taxation. If you wish to call that a `breach' - correct. I will accept that I have not been able to achieve what I hoped to. - John Major

My hands are clean.

- Mohammed Sawar, Labour candidate in Govan, where there has been a late surge in voter registrations.

After May 1 there will be a bloodbath in the Tory party. - Edwina Currie

This sounds like the outburst of a grieving woman.

- Foreign Office minister Jeremy Hanley on Edwina Currie.

I know nothing of the story. I regard it as drivel.

- Defence Secretary Michael Portillo on reports that he is leading a post-election Tory leadership challenge.

The Liberal Democrats' relative honesty about the cost of their pious brand of fantasy government is to be applauded.

- Sir Bernard Ingham

I do not want to see the saltire ripped out of the flag of the Union. That is the flag under which we have become respected throughout the world.

- Ian Lang, President of the Board of Trade.

It seems to be going on for ever and ever and ever

- Tony Blair