So, how well do you know Barack?

Every detail of his early life, marriage and political career has been under the microscope for months. But how much of his biography can you recite? John Walsh is your quizmaster
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1 In which far-flung American state was Barack born?

2 At what time of day was he born?

3 By what first name was he known until he went to university?

4 We know that his father, Barack Obama Sr, comes from Kenya. But where does his mother, Ann, come from, and what's her connection with Jimmy Webb?

5 By what codename is he known to the US Secret Service?

6 Where does Obama stand politically on a) same-sex marriages; b) abortion; and c) the presence of the US military in Iraq?

7 What characteristic does he share with Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton?

8 The film to which Obama took his future wife Michelle on their first date was, oddly enough, about a really nice black guy trying to calm the tensions between mixed races and white police on the streets of Brooklyn. What was its name and who directed it?

9 What's his favourite book?

10 And his favourite movies? One features a black piano player, the other a 7ft-tall Native American.

11 In which illegal drugs did he indulge while a teenager?

12 From which university did he graduate with a law degree, in 1991?

13 Which famous Irish-American senator used to sit at the desk Obama occupied in the Senate?

14 In 2006, Obama won a Grammy award. For what?

15 How tall is he?

16 Why did he part company from the clergyman who married him and Michelle, and baptised their two children?

17 Which soul legend is scheduled to sing at the inauguration, and what connects the legend's father with Martin Luther King?

18 Why is Obama reluctant to eat ice cream?

19 Where does he have his hair cut, and how often?

20 With which Republican senator did Obama co-sponsor the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act in 2005?

21 What was it he told sloppy American teenagers to stop doing, shortly after becoming President-elect?

22 For which very visible public role did he apply while at Harvard, only to be turned down by an all-woman committee?

23 What speciality dish does he most like to cook?

24 In which European language (apart from English) is he fluent?

25 What's the name of his tailor, and how much do his suits cost?

26 Had he not become a lawyer and politician, what profession would Obama have pursued, according to himself?

27 What does "Barack" actually mean?

28 Which Japanese town had a special reason to go wild in the streets on 5 November 2008?

29 In which British magazine was he included as one of the "10 People Who Would Change the World"?

30 How does Obama make an appearance on the French TV show Les Guignols d'Info?

31 What became of his father?

32 What became of his mother?

33 About whom did Obama say during the presidential race: "I'm so over-exposed, I'm making ***** ****** look like a recluse."

34 What was the total amount of the publishers' advance paid to Obama for a three-book contract in 2004?

35 The death of which family member cast a shadow over his election triumph?

36 Between 1993 and 2004, Obama worked for the law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland. In which branch of law did they specialise?

37 How many panic buttons will the new president have?

38 How large a budget will the Obamas be given to redecorate the White House to their own taste?

39 Which ocean-going perk will the Obamas enjoy?

40 What's he's wearing on his right wrist?