RAF drowning case

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A fisherman told Norwich Crown Court yesterday that he heard noises of tyres screeching, a thud and splashing 15 minutes before the wife of an RAF officer was found drowned in a river.

Carol Tucker, 52, had been been travelling in a car driven by her husband, Squadron Leader Nicholas Tucker, when it swerved and plunged into the River Lark in Suffolk. Michael Brown was fishing on the river on the evening of 21 July l995 when the incident took place. The prosecution claims that Sqn Ldr Tucker, 46, murdered his wife by staging the accident because he was infatuated with a Serbian interpreter, Dijana Dudukovic, 21, whom he met while serving as a UN peace- keeper in the former Yugoslavia. Sqn Ldr Tucker, of Honnington, Suffolk, denies the charge. The case continues.