Raising money is monkey business

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A STUDENT is preparing to become a zoo attraction in his own right when he lives for a week in a monkey cage.

Andy Marshall, 21, a third-year zoology student at Cardiff University, will spend seven days and nights in an enclosure at Paignton Zoo in south Devon, where he is studying primate behaviour.

Mr Marshall's endeavour, which begins on Monday morning, is aimed at raising pounds 3,000 to pay for his research assistant place on a zoological survey of the coast of Tanzania.

None of the capuchin monkeys he has been working with will be with him in the 150 square foot cage, but he will have plenty of creature comforts to keep him occupied.

Part of his work with the monkeys has been in the field of environment enrichment, to keep them contented in captivity. The same principle will be used to enable Mr Marshall to spend time happily in his cage.

He said: "It is a good way to emphasise the work I am doing. I will have a mobile phone and a radio, as well as magazines, books, a football and a water pistol."

Just like the monkeys, he will be fed by the keepers. And although his meals are due to come from the zoo restaurant, he expects jokers will offer him the monkey diet of fruit and leaves. Along with donations, he will also be asking members of the public to leave chocolate and beer.