Rally driver denies causing death crash

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A RALLY DRIVER accused of killing a young couple by shunting their car across a central reservation yesterday denied "adamantly" that he had touched their vehicle at all.

Jason Humble admitted to an Old Bailey court that he was angry at the "immature" way the driver of a black Fiesta was blocking him on a dual carriageway. "Just the way he was carrying on I thought an accident was inevitable somehow. I just wanted to get by and get on with my journey," Mr Humble told the jury as he started to give evidence in his defence.

He added: "I did feel hostility towards him. I admit that."

Mr Humble, 33, from Farnborough, Hampshire, denies the manslaughter of Toby Exley, 22, and his girlfriend Karen Martin, 20, on 6 October last year. He has also denied causing their deaths by dangerous driving.

He said that he was driving home on the A316 Great Chertsey Road in west London, on his way to the M3, when he first encountered the Fiesta. It had cut across his path at a roundabout. The Fiesta was then ahead of him in the outside lane. Other cars started to accelerate gradually past a speed camera "but he just stayed there. I did not know whether he had a problem".

He tried to undertake but he did not have enough room. The Fiesta accelerated and he was unable to get by, he said, adding: "I thought he was very immature because he blocked me."

Mr Humble said he was "not aware of my car making any contact with the rear of the Fiesta. I vaguely suggested there was a minute possibility when interviewed [by police].

"I just felt guilt with everything that was happening. I suggested it - but I am adamant I did not touch it. I just froze and carried on. I did not see the Fiesta had been hit by a Cavalier on the opposite carriageway or hear any sound of a collision."

He said he had not stopped but had felt sheer disbelief. He added: "I knew ... I should have stopped, but by the time I came out of shock I was miles up the motorway."

The case continues.