Rape case man had been in psychiatric care

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A man accused of raping a woman in her own home at knifepoint had been released from psychiatric care just days earlier, a court heard yesterday.

Glenn Grant, giving evidence in his own defence, told the Old Bailey that he had been receiving treatment at Cane Hill semi-secure unit in Surrey in the months running up to April last year when he was alleged to have carried out the attack. Grant said he had sought treatment at a number of hospitals, including the Maudsley and the South Western, both in London, before meeting the woman, because he had felt "unwell".

He had not been taking medication prescribed to control his mental illness and had also taken large quantities of crack cocaine in the days preceding the alleged attack. He said he had been trying to confess to robberies and other crimes, but not this rape, by giving himself up at various police stations. But police officers had dismissed him as "a lunatic", he told the court.

Grant, 27, of south London, denies raping and indecently assaulting a woman in Brixton, south London, last year. He claimed in court that the woman, a 26-year-old retail buyer, had consented to sex.

In evidence yesterday, Grant claimed the alleged victim was a friend of one of his relatives, and that they had visited her in her home. Grant formed the opinion that she "fancied" him, and that she did not rebuff his sexual advances.

But Acting Detective Inspector Jim Webster said Grant initially denied any recollection of a sexual encounter and had produced this story some days later. The day after the attack, Grant was unable to explain how his Reebok trainers and some of his clothes were at the woman's home. When he was cautioned for the rape, Grant said: "I never raped anyone."

On Monday, the woman described how she had begged Grant not to rape her and had received serious injuries as they struggled. She said she had never met any relative of Grant's.

The court heard yesterday how Grant walked into Brixton Police Station to confess to "serious" crimes about half an hour after the rape was reported. Special Constable Andrew Hallett said when Grant arrived at the station he claimed he was Jesus, and was a "shooting merchant". Police Officer Dave Bassa said he later heard Grant claim: "I've done armed robberies and rapes. It's serious. I've done one today."

But Grant yesterday denied confessing to rape, saying only that he went through "funny phases".

The case continues.