Reactions to the Calcutt Report

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The issue is not about newspapers printing lies. It is about stopping us from printing the truth about the high and mighty. It is aimed at stopping us from telling the truth about issues like David Mellor's free holidays, Coal Board bosses getting new cars only days after sacking 31,000 miners, and Norman Lamont not paying his Access bill - the 'Sun'

There is a need to outlaw electronic eavesdropping and physical intrusion into people's privacy, but such laws should apply to everyone, not just to journalists. Public dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the national press is far lower than he supposes - Andreas Whittam Smith, editor, the 'Independent'

There are risks in that the people who are likely to be prosecuted will be young journalists, not their news editors or the superiors who send them on the story - Jonathan Caplan, chairman, Bar Council privacy committee

If that was the sort of journalism one of my reporters produced, I would not be pleased. It is tendentious and dishonest - Peter Preston, editor, the 'Guardian'

The most draconian attempt to gag the press that this country has ever known - Andrew Neil, editor, the 'Sunday Times'

The public are not complaining - it is the chattering classes who think it's a wonderful idea to knock the press. We are not all mad dog editors. We are responsible people - Brian Hitchen, editor, 'Daily Star'