Red card threat to rowdy students

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POLICE ARE to issue students with football-style red and yellow card warnings in an effort to control "youthful exuberance" among undergraduates.

West Midlands Police said the initiative - supported by Birmingham University's Guild of Students - is aimed at curbing late night "singing and shouting" in the Selly Oak area of the city.

A police spokesman said young people causing problems would be warned and receive letters requesting they be more considerate towards residents. Students will also be warned that further misdemeanours could lead to a "red card" letter to university authorities.

"The university then has a range of options," he said. "However, the main aim is not to punish students but to achieve a situation where each resident has respect for others."

Adrian Morris, president of the students' guild, welcomed the scheme and said it was part of a wider initiative to improve relations between students and the community.