Rescued climber risks amputation

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A CLIMBER who was rescued after spending five days trapped on a mountain in temperatures down to minus 60C must wait at least a week to find out if his fingers and toes will have to be amputated.

Jamie Andrew, 29, from Edinburgh, who was plucked off a ridge on Les Droites, near the French resort of Chamonix on Sunday, is in hospital with severe frostbite. The body of his friend Jamie Fisher, 28, was due to be returned to Britain today.

A spokesman for Chamonix hospital said Mr Andrew's condition was stable. "He will stay here for at least a week."

Mr Fisher's mother, Pam, said yesterday that her son had died doing what he loved.

She praised the rescuers who tried to save him and said she was relieved that Mr Andrew had survived.

The two climbers were experienced and well-equipped.