Road-rage cabbie convicted

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A taxi driver who lost his temper in last summer's heatwave was convicted yesterday of a terrifying road-rage attack on a bus driver.

Colin Jones, 42, who faces a maximum of five years in jail,kicked and punched his victim outside Buckingham Palace and finally ripped off his shirt.

Southwark Crown Court heard that as he cowered under his steering wheel, Michael Hatton was convinced that his attacker was trying to "gouge my eyes out". He told the jury: "I was terrified."

The court heard that the confrontation last July began after Mr Hatton, driving a London Pride open-top bus, swore at Jones for cutting him up.

The taxi driver then pursued the bus for half a mile through central London, flashing his lights continuously. When both vehicles pulled up outside the palace, Jones leaped out, forced the bus doors open and launched his attack.

Jones was allowed bail until 31 May, when he will be sentenced.