Road-rage memorial ends in tears

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The fiancee of Stephen Cameron, the victim of a road-rage attack, last night broke down in tears at a memorial service commemorating the first anniversary of his death.

Danielle Cable walked sobbing from the pulpit after attempting to read a tribute to 21-year-old Stephen, who was stabbed to death in front of her during an argument with another driver near Swanley, Kent, on 19 May last year. Stephen's mother, Toni, continued with the reading at St Mary's Church, Swanley, where hundreds of family and friends attended the half- hour service.

Miss Cable, now 18, had become engaged to Stephen Cameron, an electrician, in December 1995. The couple had gone out to buy bagels on a Sunday morning when Stephen was attacked. Detectives have not yet charged anyone with the killing, but wish to trace the Brink's Mat gold launderer Kenneth Noye, who disappeared nearly a year ago.