ROADS Danger - Monday morning ahead

Start-the-week stress is taking its toll on motorists, according to the results of an industry survey. Research carried out for Admiral, a motor insurance company, showed that Monday sees more car accidents than any other day of the week.

The figures, taken from analysis of insurance claims, show that 18 per cent of all crashes took place on Monday - whereas only 9 per cent of the 1,281 accidents included in the survey took place on Sunday.

Pressurised commuters make the morning and evening rush-hours the most fraught times of the day to travel on the roads, with more than 30 per cent of all accidents occurring during the rush-hour peaks in the morning and evening.

"People are clearly stressed out going to work on Monday morning, with their heads crammed full of the busy week ahead," said a spokeswoman for Admiral. Johanna Montagu