Royals 'want a spin doctor'

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THE Royal Family are considering the appointment of a new, high- powered spin doctor after a privately commissioned survey showed the popularity of the monarchy at an all-time low, it was reported last night.

The poll, conducted by Mori for the Royal Family following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, last September, found that many regard the royals as an aloof family offering poor value for money.

According to an article in the Sunday Times, the results of the secret poll were believed to have been discussed at a meeting of senior royals last week. Now the Queen is said to want to employ a top-level public relations executive to improve the royal image.

The importance now being attached to public relations is believed to be partly due to the lessons that the Royal Family has learned from the media-minded Labour Party. Royals were clearly impressed with the way that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, handled the intense media coverage in the week following the death of Diana.