Russian Crisis: A day of drama

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0800: Troops and tanks loyal to Yeltsin begin encircling the White House

0900: Yeltsin appears on televison and vows swift action to crush the 'fascist-Communist mutiny', as gunfire crackles around parliament

0935: Two helicopters armed with rockets circle the parliament as ground troops advance

0940: Yeltsin's troops storm the parliament in a hail of tank gun and machine-gun fire. An interior ministry official says they quickly seized the first two floors

0950: Rutskoi appeals for talks with Yeltsin

0955: Rutskoi is told by Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Russian Prime Minister, that the assault will be broken off if all defenders give up their arms and come out

1000: A white flag of surrender is raised at one window

1015: Chernomyrdin orders troops to cease fire at one section where hardliners appear ready to surrender

1020: Rutskoi is reported to have agreed to a proposal by Chernomyrdin that armed volunteers in the White House leave with white flags

1120: Khasbulatov says he is ready for a ceasefire and negotiations with Yeltsin, but no surrender

1200: Smoke billows out of the 13th floor after tanks pound it with several rounds of shellfire

1709: Yeltsin aides confirm that the leaders of the revolt, Rutskoi and Khasbulatov, have been captured