Safety: `None for the road' gains favour

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Britons think it should be a case of "none for the road", according to a survey. Almost three quarters said the law should be changed to make it an offence for people to consume any alcohol if they are driving.

Drivers supported the idea even more strongly than non-drivers, according to NOP, which polled 993 adults aged 15 years and over in Britain. Eight out of ten people think the law should be changed to allow police to make random tests for alcohol and drugs in the bloodstream. Only a fifth of people said existing laws should be left as they are. "With Christmas approaching, drinking and driving is always a topical issue," said Tony Lees, NOP consumer research director. "These findings ... demonstrate the level of strong support ... for tougher drink-driving laws. This reflects the tone of the Government's current anti-drinking and driving campaign."