Sainsbury's is sued over dysentery

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SAINSBURY'S IS facing legal action from up to a dozen customers in Sussex suffering from an outbreak of African dysentery days after an African toad was allegedly found in a bag of salad bought in one of its stores.

The parents of Ben Meyeratken, aged one, allege in a writ issued yesterday afternoon that the toddler suffered a severe bout of African dysentery after consuming salad bought on 3 August from their branch of Sainsbury's at Haywards Heath. This comes days after Patricia Henderson, a teacher from New Hartley, Northumberland, discovered what she believed to be an African toad in a bag of mixed salad bought at Sainsbury's.

Harkavys, solicitors for the Meyeratken family, said they would rely on the toad incident at the trial for their claim against the supermarket chain.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said of the dysentery claim: "We are aware of this matter."

Referring to the earlier toad incident, the spokeswoman added: "It was definitely not an African toad - it was a Common toad. We've had it identified by experts."