Sale of beer in bottles banned

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Up to 40 local authorities may decide to follow a seaside resort's decision to ban the sale of beer in bottles in night-clubs.

Torbay Borough Council's move followed concern over the rising number of attacks involving broken bottles in late-night drinking spots.

The ban affects 47 places - mostly night-clubs, hotels, and holiday camps - where bars are open after 11pm.

It follows an earlier decision by the Devon council that special entertainment licences allowing late drinking would be granted only if plastic or toughened glasses were used.

Torbay's head of licensing, Barry Davis, said the council surveyed 90 local authorities - including seaside resorts, cities and every local authority in the South-west - and asked them what their position would be if the ban was imposed in Torbay. Of 79

replies, 25 councils said that they would reconsider their own position, and 14 said they would "possibly" think again.

Mr Davis said that one surgeon at Torbay General Hospital last year treated 90 cases of assault involving bottles, most of which happened in licensed premises. "From our point of view the decision will lead to Torbay being a safer environment for people who only wish to enjoy themselves."