Salmonella scare over toddler milk

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Sainsbury's, the supermarket giant, has withdrawn its own-brand Fresh Toddler Milk from sale after a number of children were affected by a rare form of salmonella, it was revealed yesterday.

A company spokeswoman said it was understood that six of the children had been reported as having consumed the product. A Department of Health spokesman said: "There is a statistically significant association between the infection and consumption of Sainsbury's Toddler Milk and as a precautionary measure Sainsbury's have withdrawn the product from sale." In a Sunday newspaper advertisement the company said a full investigation was being carried out at the supplier concerned, Unigate, to confirm whether such a link existed. The Sainsbury's spokeswoman urged any parents who were worried about their children to seek medical advice, and a customer service helpline has been set up on 0500 622 211.