Sara draws back the Internet curtains for all

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Fans of the Internet site JennyCam, featuring 24-hour live pictures from inside an American woman's bedroom, can now tune into a British version - SaraCam.

The site, launched yesterday by cable station Bravo, will send a new picture every three seconds from the bedroom of East London actress Sara, who despite opening her bedroom to the world is unwilling to reveal her surname.

Viewers of JennyCam say watching Jenny sleep, tidy her room and chat to her friends can be surprisingly addictive.

Viewers of the Internet station Bravo were invited to vote for a British Jenny from a short-list of three young women. Almost 50 per cent decided Sara's boudoir was the one they would most like to spy on.

James Matheson, spokesman for Bravo, denied SaraCam's audience would be dominated by dirty old men. "It'll be more like a real soap opera," he said. "Sara has a great personality and she's bound to be throwing loads of parties.

"On the other hand there will probably be quite a lot of time when all you will be able to see is Sara's cat asleep on her bed or Sara brushing her hair."

The camera can be turned off or moved away if Sara wants a little privacy. And while the self-confessed show-off said yesterday she is unshockable, it is understood no nudity will be involved.