Saudi nurse to be married in police station

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Lucille McLauchlan, one of the British nurses being held in Saudi Arabia, is to be allowed to marry her long-time boyfriend this weekend.

Ms McLauchlan, 32, will reportedly marry 30-year-old Grant Ferrie at a ceremony in a Saudi police station before a judge. The nurse still faces a prison sentence of up to seven years for her alleged part in the murder of the Australian nurse Yvonne Gilford.

It is believed that Mr Ferrie flew to the Saudi city of Dhahran last night after the Saudi authorities agreed to the ceremony following a period of negotiations with British officials.

Ms McLauchlan, who comes from Dundee, will reportedly be given away by her brother John. Her sister-in-law Anne-Adele has flown to Saudi to be the matron of honour.

Mr Ferrie, a tyre factory worker, also from Dundee, met Ms McLauchlan in a night club in the Scottish town five years ago. He has already made seven visits to Saudi Arabia since she was arrested almost a year ago.

Deborah Parry, the second British nurse accused of taking part in the murder, is expected to be among the wedding guests. Ms Parry recently learned that she is not to receive the death penalty but has not been told whether she has been found guilty of intentional murder.

The threat of the death penalty was lifted two weeks ago when Ms Gilford's brother Frank waived his right to demand capital punishment in return for a promise of pounds 750,000 "blood money".