Scare over toy in food

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Worries over food which contains toy gifts have resurfaced after a child nearly choked.

Braintree Trading Standards is investigating the case after a mother complained that she had found a toy in the yoghurt section of Muller's Kids Corner.

Muller has withdrawn the yoghurt from sale although it stresses that no changes occurred because of the complaint.

The Environmental Health Officer in Braintree complained to Muller on 5 September that an inkstamp toy had been found in the yoghurt rather than the separate section. The company launched an investigation and later the toy was replaced by a troll.

"While Muller Kids Corner yoghurts have been very popular production ceased last month to make way for two new Muller children's yoghurts - Yogz Crunchz and Yogz Budblasterz," said a spokeswoman. "It is factually incorrect to suggest production changes occurred in response to a complaint that has yet to be resolved." There have been three recorded deaths in the past 10 years of children who have choked on toys packaged in with food.