Schoolgirl beaten in changing room

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A 14-year-old pupil was beaten and stamped on by two schoolgirls after winning three races in a sports day, it emerged yesterday.

On returning to the changing rooms at the Bowling Community College sports day in Bradford, Nicola Bowden found her clothes had been dumped in the toilet. She was then attacked by the girls. A 14-year-old girl held her down while her 11-year-old sister, who does not go to the school, kicked and stamped on her.

After the beating, Nicola was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary with a fractured rib, internal bleeding and torn tissues in her lungs. She was detained at the hospital for five days and is now back at home she is still coughing up blood.

Nicola, who had won the relay, 400 metre and 200 metre races, is now terrified of returning to the school. She said: "We drove past the school on the way back from the hospital and my heart went cold. I can't go back there." Her father Vince, 37, said: "This is not bullying, this is GBH."