Schools alert after scare over gunman

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Security guards are to be drafted into a primary school today after a man claiming to have a gun tried to force his way on to the premises. Extra police officers have also been called into the northern district of Glasgow as concerns about school security were again highlighted.

In yesterday's incident a canteen manager stopped a man from entering through the kitchen of Chirnsyde Primary School in the Milton district. As the stranger tried to push his way past at about 8am he said he had a gun, although he did not have one visible. The woman managed to push him away and lock the kitchen door.

The woman said: "I said I was sorry but he was in the wrong place. I put him outside the door, then he said 'look, I've got an effing shotgun'. He proceeded with his hand to go into his jacket. I couldn't really make out if it was a shotgun or not. There was something, but I cannot say what it was."