Schools: Violence against teachers becomes prime concern

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Violence against teachers from parents, intruders and pupils is growing, according to a survey published today. The report says that violence is considered the top priority issue in one in 10 schools. Pupils are said to be bringing weapons to school - including machetes, meat cleavers and chemical sprays - while parents are attacking teachers for disciplining their children and there have been instances of intruders on drugs assaulting pupils.

The survey of more than 1,000 nursery, junior and secondary schools was carried out by the National Association of Schoolmaster Union of Women Teachers. It shows that two-thirds of the union representatives questioned believe that violence had increased in the last three years.

Yet 40 per cent of schools have no safety measures at all in place and fewer than 4 per cent of governing bodies discuss violent incidents.The union lists a ten-point plan to improve safety and security in schools such as more "sin bins" for disruptive pupils and more closed circuit cameras and personal alarms.