Art and science don't mix?

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Art has nothing to say about science; science has nothing to say about art.

Friday 25 March 1994, 10am-1pm; Science Museum, London SW7

To explore the inter-relation between science and art, the Independent and the Science Museum are organising a public forum - Art and Science Don't Mix? - in which an invited audience from both sides of the cultural divide will be asked to outline their hopes and anxieties about the impact of science and art on modern British society. Melvyn Bragg will chair the meeting, which will contain no formal presentations but will be structured so as to be lively and productive.

If you would like to attend, please complete the coupon below, stating on a separate piece of paper your interest in participating (in no more than 50 words). This is to enable us to ensure a balanced discussion. Space is limited so admission, although free, is by invitation only. Please apply to Debby Cahalane, Science Museum, London SW7 2DD, enclosing a stamped, addressed A5-sized envelope.