Gadgets &amp; Gizmos: Nokia 7200<br/>Electrolux Automower<br/>Pentax Optio S4i<br/>Shinco SDP-1731A portable DVD player<br/>Panasonic SV-AV50 D-Snap

Charlotte Ricca-Smith reviews the best new products
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Nokia 7200 £329.99 (contract free) 0800 138 8699;

Nokia 7200 £329.99 (contract free) 0800 138 8699;

With recent disappointing sales, Nokia has just launched its first (dual screen) clamshell model in a bid to win back customers. But the 7200 is no ordinary flip phone. It has interchangeable textile covers that give the handset a distinctly Louis Vuitton feel and look, which (like the fashion label itself) you will either love or hate.

Flip it open and you've got the familiar, easy-to-use Nokia interface that is then let down by its measly 128x128 screen. Even with 65,000 colours it doesn't have the clarity or brightness of some of the other models on the market.

Despite the screen, the 7200 has a very respectable camera, with a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels, and up to 50 seconds of video capability with sound. It also has a voice recorder (and you can turn recordings into ringtones) and FM radio.

With its great functionality and Nokia's trademark simplicity you don't have to know your Louis from your Prada to enjoy it. But it helps.

Electrolux Automower £1,500 0870 850 0429;

With summer on its way those fortunate enough to have gardens face the less enviable task of maintaining their lawn. For the cash-rich and time-poor, Electrolux has the Automower. This isn't the first automated lawnmower to hit the market (the Robomower by Friendly Robotics has that distinction), but is the most effective. But before you put your feet up there is work to be done. To stop the Automower attacking your borders you need to put up a perimeter fence with the insulated wire provided, and its recharging station in an easily accessible place; this then connects to your mains supply. That done, hand over to the little robot. As it is designed to cut your lawn little and often (the tallest grass it can manage is 15cm) you don't even need to worry about picking up cuttings as it leaves a fine layer sprinkled around the lawn.

Pentax Optio S4i £329 01753 792792;

Pentax has managed the impossible by improving what was already near perfection with the S4. You can hardly tell the two models apart, as they share the same slim-line statistics. On closer inspection the S4i has the upper hand: it now has a larger (1.8in) screen and a "Quick" button that enables you to exit the menu screen and move back to automatic shooting (or "Green" mode as Pentax calls it). If you like to get your hands dirty there are more features than you can shake an SLR at. The S4i offers auto focus, five grades of settings for sharpness, saturation, and contrast and 21 different shooting modes.

But it's still very easy to use - everything is clearly marked out and positioned perfectly for easy access. It's also one of the few models automatically to offer the option of deleting your shot.

Picture quality is first-rate and with a shutter time-release lag of just 0.01 seconds the only thing stopping you capturing the moment is you.

Shinco SDP-1731A portable DVD player £199.95 0870 241 4289;

The best gadget you can take on holiday with you this year is a portable DVD player. Certainly the cheapest model I've come across is the SDP-1731A from Shinco. Who? The company makes around one-third of the world's portable DVD players, but all you need to know is that for less than £200 you get a portable DVD player with a decent 7in TFT widescreen monitor, Dolby Digital output, remote control, stereo headphone, anti-shock system and car adapter. In brief, a bargain. It can also play a number of other discs, CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs with MP3 and JPEG files, turning your hotel room into an all-round entertainment zone. Sound quality is pretty good too.

When you're on the move it provides three hours' viewing thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery; otherwise plug it into the mains. You can also connect it to the TV for big-screen viewing.

If you're really tight for cash you could opt for the 5in model (without widescreen), which has a plastic rather than aluminium case, and costs £50 less.

Panasonic SV-AV50 D-Snap £400 0870 535 7357;

Picture in your mind a compact digital camcorder, and then halve its size, and you'll be close to the minuscule dimensions of the SV-AV50. It's not much bigger than a mobile phone (101 x 50 x 20mm), and Panasonic has obviously put a lot of thought into its design, such as the way the lens and LCD viewfinder pop out simultaneously when you open it up. The mechanics aren't bad either. As well as a camcorder it has a 2.1 megapixel camera, MP3 player and voice recorder. However, as with all these multi-tasking gadgets something has got to give: here it's video quality, with a maximum resolution of only 320x240 pixels.

Despite its added functionality it is very simple to use although the jog dial is a bit oversensitive and you need to watch for fingers getting in front of the lens. The AV50 is a great fun gadget that has a use for every occasion. Whether people will pay this much for a bit of fun, however, remains to be seen.