Hurricane Matthew captured from space: Stunning video taken by International Space Station

The Category 4 storm is closing in on the Carribean and could be first of its size to hit US soil in almost a decade

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Cameras on the International Space Station have captured footage of Hurricane Matthew from above as it heads towards the Carribean. 

Video shows the eye of the Category 4 storm on October 3 as it carried its 140mph winds closer towards the West Indies and US coastline.

The space station was travelling 250 miles above the Atlantic Ocean at the time it crossed paths with the hurricane, showing a stunning wide-angle view as it passed overhead.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit Jamaica and Haiti on October 4. 

The US government has pledged $400,000 in aid towards the two countries to help deal with its impact.

It is then due to pass through Cuba and reach the US before the end of the week.

The storm would be the first of its calibre to hit the US' east coast in nearly a decade.

Two fishermen in Haiti have already been killed by rough water conditions ahead of the storm’s arrival.

It has taken four lives in total so far, with deaths also reported in both Colombia and St Vincent.