In pictures: Saturn images from Cassini probe as it prepares to turn lens towards Earth


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The Cassini space probe will be taking images of the Earth from Saturn in a month's time, as part of its mission to explore the ringed planet.

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The shots will be taken from a distance of 1.44 billion kilometres, giving people a view of the Earth from the perspective of Saturn. Although the Earth will only appear as a small blue dot in between the rings, it will be part of a multi-image portrait that of the Saturn system that is being composed by Cassini.  

The images of the Earth will be taken at 10:27pm for 15 minutes while Saturn eclipses the sun. Cassini has previously created two mosaic images of the Saturn system in 2006 and in 2012, however this will be the first time that the probe has captured images of the Earth in natural colours, and how it would appear to humans.