Nasa spacewalk selfie: the selfie that looks down on all others


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Selfies are a never-ending phenomenon, it would seem. We have had the #nomakeupselfie, the funeral selfie, the selfie Olympics, the protest selfie, and even the belfie (thanks, Kim). But now we have had the selfie that looks down on all others - literally - thanks to astronaut Rick Mastracchio, who took his own self-portrait in space.

The Nasa astronaut captured a snap of himself during a spacewalk on Wednesday outside of the International Space Station.

Taking the selfie seemed to prove challenging for Mastracchio, who was wearing a bulky space suit at the time and complained his arms were too short to take a decent picture.

Mastracchio posted the picture after he and fellow astronaut Steve Swanson replaced a backup computer on the exterior of the ISS called a Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (MDM).

The image was accompanied by: “An EVA selfie.  The space suit makes it very difficult to get a good selfie. I tried several today.”

Mastracchio also posted his other attempt, which he clarified was not a selfie, alongside images of the Earth and the Space X Dragon.

The pictures were taken while the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship docked during the spacewalk.