Nasa to reveal 'significant' evidence of Martian water

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Space scientists plan to make a "significant" announcement today about their mission on Mars with speculation last night they would announced new evidence Mars was a wet and warm planet, capable of sustaining microscopic life.

Scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena California, which is involved in the mission with Rovers with Nasa, have flown to Nasa headquarters in Washington DC for the announcement.

Scientists indicated last week they were excited by data that the Opportunity Rover was sending back to earth. The Rover has been studying rocks and soil in a martian crater for geologic evidence that the Red Planet could have been hospitable to life.

On Thursday, the mission's deputy principal investigator, Ray Arvidson, acknowledged that some of the "working hypotheses" involved water, but he cautioned that was not the case in all hypotheses.