On the road: The Toyota Prius

The Prius is the world's most future-minded car. Simon Freedman is the UK's most forward-thinking osteopath. He climbs in for the ride of his lifestyle
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Alive + Well is run by the charismatic and dapper Simon Freedman, 38, who is acknowledged by his peers and the glossy magazines as the "oesteopath to the stars". Freedman went out on a limb to create this centre to spread his message further. And it's an innovative and fresh message about being proactive about protecting your health and avoiding illness. It's also enjoyable - when you go to Alive + Well, you'll find the blankets are made of cashmere and the walls decorated with art by clients Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

We asked Freedman to put the Prius through its paces - and he was impressed. Like Alive + Well, he thought the car was one step ahead, a car that would help him do his bit for the future and the environment. And as a father of three he loved the sense of space in a Prius, "It's so roomy - the boot too. I could happily get all my kids in here and there's plenty of leg room in the back. It all feels very safe." And as for the drive? "It's nippy and very responsive. It stays tight round the corners and pitches up exactly as you'd expect it to." There was also a final piece of good news: as an osteopath, he liked the well-designed seats, "These are very comfortable. I could happily spend hours sitting in these." And as he sat there in the car, he almost looked as relaxed as one of his aquarium's graceful fish.

Alive + Well, 61 Shelton Street, London WC2, 020-7379 5531

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