Orion spaceship launch: Watch Nasa’s Mars capsule take off

Nasa’s live feed was hit by problems during the launch, but full video of liftoff has now been released

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Nasa has released video of the moment that the Orion capsule, which could one day carry humans into space, lifted off into space from Florida. The launch was the agency’s second try, after yesterday’s attempt was spoilt by a rogue boat and bad weather.

Nasa’s live feed began to stutter and broke as the rocket was taking off, but Nasa have now released full pictures of the launch.

The rocket took off 7.05a.m local time, or 12.05p.m. GMT, from Florida. The craft will fly 3,600 miles into space before heading back, about four hours after launch, crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

The capsule was carried up on a Delta IV rocket, the largest in America’s current inventory. The rocket was built by the United Launch Alliance, a tie-up between Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin built the capsule and the launch is seen as a test of commercial involvement in space exploration.

Yesterday’s launch was hit by problems, as a rogue boat, strong winds and a problem fuel valve meant that directors were forced to postpone the takeoff.