Science: Last chance for young scientists to book an excellent place in Europe

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ONLY one week remains before the deadline for entries to our European science quiz.

To mark European Week for Scientific Culture, the Independent, along with the British Association for the Advancement of Science, set a quiz for readers aged 14 to 18. The questions appeared in the Independent on 22, 25, and 29 November and the prize is a trip to one of the centres of European scientific excellence.

Probe the constituents of matter at Cern, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics near Geneva; or, thanks to the Science and Engineering Research Council, peer through the Roque de los Muchachos observatory telescopes on La Palma in the Canary Isles; or see the Medical Research Council's laboratories in Gambia.

Entries should be sent to Sally Goodman, Euroscience Quiz, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 23 Savile Row, London W1X 1AB, and must arrive by 20 December.