The 10 Best family science events

This summer, get your children excited about life, the universe and everything with these scientific voyages of discovery...

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1. Science Museum, Birmingham

Cell! Cell! Cell! is an interactive show which lets children explore the human body by seeing what it's like to shrink to the size of a living cell.

2. Eureka! The National Children's Museum, Halifax

The Me and My Body gallery here is top notch, explaining the human body in all its belching, squelching and gurgling glory.

3. INTECH, Hampshire

A new permanent learning zone for children and adults alike, Push the Limits: the Science of Sport lets you see if you're the next Usain Bolt by measuring your sprint speed.

4. National Space Centre, Leicester

The Space Centre has paired up with a local radio station to hold daily sports challenges all summer, pitting DJs against visitors.

5. Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

One for older kids, this Oxford museum houses a pretty much unrivalled collection of early scientific instruments.

6. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), Manchester

MOSI holds free "historical characters" workshops on Sundays and holidays from 2.30-2.50pm.

7. Science Museum, London

This summer sees explosive stage shows where children can learn about the world of explosions, rockets, bubbles or forces. All are interactive, so be warned.

8. Techniquest, Cardiff

Possibly the coolest science museum in the UK. Learn about rockets and explore the solar system. Head down this weekend for an Olympics-themed fitness extravaganza.

9. World Museum, Liverpool

Make your own animal or plant DNA bracelet at this fascinating science drop-in event. Part of Wonderful World weekend on 18 and 19 August.

10. MAGNA, Rotherham

The emphasis here is on learning through play, so you can explore the elements in one area, or dive into the fire water and air pavilions in another part of the museum.