The Ten Best: Digital radios

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1. Pure One, £49.99

For the price, this simple radio can't be faulted. Sound quality, although mono, is good, and you can upgrade to a rechargeable battery pack.; 01923 277 488

2. Genus DU1, £49.99

Turn your existing hi-fi into a digital radio with this remote-controlled gizmo. It plugs into the "auxiliary" input. Better sound, less bulk.

3. Freeplay Devo, £99.45

With rechargeable in-built battery and wind-up handle, here's a digital radio you can use on a desert island.; 020-7851 2600

4. Arcam DiVA, DT91£475

This crystal clear, high-end hi-fi separate is so good it will expose the narrow bandwidth of some stations. The best will match CD quality.; 01223 203 200

5. Pure Bug Too, £99.99

Design by Wayne Hemingway, with lots of features such as pause live radio, record to an SD card (or computer) and on-screen listings.; 01923 277 488

6. Genus SLM, £99.99

This is the best digital hand-held radio yet. Throws in MP3 playback from an SD card(up to 700 songs) and FM radio too.

7. Onkyo CS-515UK, £299.95

The first micro hi-fi tuned for British listening tastes, apparently. The DAB element grasps weaker signals, and it has excellent sound quality.; 01494 681 515

8. Intempo PP-01, £99.95

For £15, you can use any digital photograph to personalise the outside of the PP-01. It's a winner as a radio, too.; 0161-828 5248

9. Denon D-M35 DAB, £300

A top-quality micro that sounds almost as good as full-size hi-fi. Handles digital radio well, plus good FM and AM, and CD/MP3-CD playback.; 01234 741 200

10. Acoustic Solutions ICS100, £99.95

Adds digital radio to an existing in-car stereo, via a black box in the boot. You can plug in an iPod, too. Controls are mounted below your windscreen.; 08712 307 747