The Ten Best: New gadgets

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1. LG KG920 camera phone, free with contract

This is the first five-megapixel mobile, with autofocus and bags of features. Big, but good (£499.99 handset only).; 0800 925 925

2. Dualit Marmite Toaster, £115

The classic Dualit toaster has been released in a special Marmite logo-embossed version. A design icon that toasts as reliably as ever.; 01293 652 500

3. Intempo Digital PP01 DAB radio, £109.99

A very slim, easily portable digital radio, with a built-in rechargeable battery giving 20 hours' listening.; 0161-828 5248

4. SoundTraveller speaker, £45

A micro-speaker that's a good holiday companion for your iPod. One battery gives 12 hours of play.; 01420 542980

5. Nintendo DS Lite, £99.99

The latest Nintendo handheld is a triumph. It's beautifully designed, and smaller, but the screens are the same size and much brighter.; 08706 060 247

6. Oregon Scientific UV Monitor, £19.99

Love sun, hate sunburn? This tells you how long your skin type should be exposed to those fierce rays.; 08712 221 966

7. Humax HDCI-2000 satellite receiver, £299

If you want to watch free-to-air satellite channels, including high definition ones like BBC HD, this box connects to a satellite dish so you can.; 08702 478 800

8, Nikon D80, £899.99

A 10.2 megapixel beauty, this SLR is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, the D70. It is full of features like onboard red-eye removal.; 0800 230 220

9. ION USB turntable, £119.95

Give your old vinyl a digital whirl. Connect this to your PC or Mac and convert the tracks into MP3s etc.; 08702 411 066

10 Slingbox, £200

Sling Media's new box means that you can watch British TV when you are away from home, even abroad. You need broadband and a computer.; 02072 940 157