The Ten Best: Waterproof gadgets

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If the Swiss Army gave up yodelling for mobiles, they'd choose the 5140. As well as the usual camera and talky stuff, this has a digital compass, a thermometer, and even a torch. Its shell repels water, dust and scrapes, and a built-in FM radio makes it perfect to take up an Alp.

(; 0870 055 5777)

2. Pentax OptioWP
From £177.95

At last, a waterproof camera that doesn't look like a brick. The OptioWP is slim, stylish and simple to use, with a 3x zoom lens and a bright 2in screen. It's happy splashing around to a depth of 1.5m, and delivers crisp, colourful five-megapixel snaps bursting with life.

(; 01753 792731)

3. Remote control

Don't dice with death by balancing your radio on the edge of a slippery tub - this universal zapper is able to control up to four devices from beneath a mountain of bubbles. It works with most TVs, CD and DVD players, videos and cable/satellite boxes (but not Sky+).

(; 0116-270 5777)

4. Fliklite torch

Divers will take a shine to this well-designed torch. There are no clumsy buttons; just make a flicking motion to activate it, then enjoy over 25 hours' solid illumination from ultra-bright LEDs. This model is safe down to 30 metres, or invest in the £64.95 LS:3 version for 100m descents.

(; 0870 011 3206)

5. Bose 151, Environmental speakers

Take your music outside with these durable all-weather speakers. They can withstand rain, sun, snow, ice and saltwater spray, in temperatures ranging from minus 40C to 70C. (; 0800 107 4999)

6. Steiner Commander Jubilee binoculars

No serious mariner sets sail without binoculars, and these autofocus 7x50 have a non-slip coating, plus a buoyant strap and waterproof housing, not to mention a built-in compass. Special lenses guarantee fog-free viewing.

(; 01628 674 411)

7. Aquavision 23in TV

This biggest screen for the littlest room lets you immerse yourself in your favourite shows while you shower or brush your teeth. The widescreen LCD panel requires installation in a wall, but includes video inputs, stereo speakers and a waterproof remote control. Opt for the mirror finish and you'll even be able to shave in it when it's turned off.

(; 0116-270 5777)

8. Speedo FSII heart-rate monitor

Track your swimming performance with this water-resistant wrist-mounted computer. It's an advanced model, so doesn't need a cumbersome chest strap - just touch two sensors to get a read-out of heart rate, calorie count and fat burn.

(; 0115-910 5267)

9. H20Audio SV-iMini case

Now you can listen to The Beach Boys while you're surfing with this waterproof casing for your Apple iPod Mini. The plastic case lets you use all the controls, and the headphones are designed to lodge firmly in your ears through falls, splashes and underwater turns.


10. Surf Watch

The vogue for all things wristbandy reaches a high watermark with this roll-on latex timepiece. The Surf Watch is tough, light and waterproof down to a snorkelling-friendly three metres. Although the watches come in two sizes - medium and small - the colour you get is random.

(; 0870 241 1066)