Solar eclipse UK 2015: Where's the best place to see the eclipse today?

The partial solar eclipse will be visible to Britons around 11am tomorrow morning

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Many Britons may not enjoy the partial solar eclipse tomorrow as cloudy conditions cover the United Kingdom.

Those in central England will have best chance of seeing the partial eclipse, the Met Office has predicted, with cloud across much of the rest of the UK.  

Generally speaking there is going to be a lot of cloud tomorrow. The best chance for a break in the cloud will be in central England, where the cloud will be at its thinnest,” a Met Office spokesperson told The Independent. “That’s not to say there won’t be cloud there and not to say there won’t be breaks elsewhere,” they continued.

Still, the Met Office is predicting that the south-east corner will be wrapped under low cloud with only a small chance of it breaking for the 10 minutes that it will be possible to see the partial eclipse.

A cold weather front, pushing in across the north of the country, and combined with “extensive cloud cover” mean that Scottish residents may not be lucky enough to see the eclipse.

Wales and most of Ireland are also predicted to be under heavy skies, obscuring the partial eclipse.

Residents in central England, where the skies should be cleared, were warned not to be concerned if most and fog formed overnight. “Don’t think ‘Oh my God’ and panic – most of those patches should burn off by the time of the eclipse.”

They continued: “The other thing to mention is that even at this time of year the sun is still quite low in the sky, and although you may have a clear sky the sun may be obscured from cloud hanging elsewhere in another area.”

“It’s always worth getting outside and having a quick look - you never know you might be lucky there might be a break develop.

“It’s only for ten minutes so it is definitely worth having a go and even if there is a bit of cloud coverage predicted.”