Solar eclipse weather: UK eclipse to be blocked out by a blanket of cloud

The west midlands and Wales look to have the best weather for seeing the phenomenon — but most of the country might be out of luck

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Much of the country is set to be covered by a blanket of cloud today, obscuring the view of the rare solar eclipse, according to the Met Office.

There will be some gaps in the cloud in a channel running roughly from south Wales to Hull, according to Met Office forecasts. But the rest of the country will be covered by at least some cloud. Experts said earlier this week that a cold front is heading over the country, and could cover the view for many that were left in its trail. Then, meteorologists worried that the mist wouldn’t clear over the South East in time for the eclipse — those worries have been proven right, with cloud covering much of the South East including London until the afternoon, when the eclipse will have finished.

The eclipse will begin at about 8am. It will peak at 9.30am and the sun will be fully returned to the sky by about 11am.

The weather will also feel quite cold over the morning, meaning that it’s worth wrapping up warm before heading out to the eclipse. In Scotland, the temperature will feel around 6 to 8 degrees-centigrade, getting colder towards the South East of England.