US company seeks crowdfunding for 'world's first' commercially available handheld flamethrower

The XM42 is described as a 'fun device to enjoy with friends'

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An American company is hoping to raise £40,000 to fund the sale of what they claim will be the "world's first" commercially available handheld flamethrower.

US firm Ion productions - which says it designs entertainment software and innovative devices -  is raising money for the XM42 on the website Indiegogo, looking to reach £40,000. Flamethrowers, the company says, are apparently legal in 48 of the 50 US states. They are illegal in Maryland while they require a licence in California.

Not that Ion Productions think anyone would use the flamethrower in a dangerous fashion: they list uses of the device as clearing snow or ice, getting rid of weeds, insect control and bonfire starting. In fact, Ion Productions describe the XM42 as a "fun device to enjoy with friends".

Some may question whether it is safe to "enjoy" a device which is fuelled by 87 octane gasoline and produces flames that reach up to 25ft.

More worryingly, the company writes, "Our goal is to bring fun and awesome products into the world...The XM42 is just the beginning."

The company does encourage people to use the device away from other people and not near to things that are easily flammable.


If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the XM42 will start at $699 (£469).