Wanted: Polar bear spotter to protect Norwegian scientists - must be loud and good with guns


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Adventurers with a keen eye sight and loud vocal chords are being offered the chance to explore the Arctic with scientists, in a three week job contract as polar bear spotter.

The successful candidate will be expected to join scientists on research trips to the Svalbard Islands, situated between Norway and the North Pole. The job advert, posted by the Svalbard’s governor’s office asks that successful candidates already have previous experience of weapons and polar bears.

Applicants must also be able to frighten off approaching bears by banging pots and pans, shouting and lighting flares. Although the watcher will carry a rifle, shooting an approaching bear is only to be done as a last resort.

The position could be a rather demanding one, considering that the3,000 strong polar bear population far outnumbers the 2,394 humans residing there.